Application Suite

In 2004, I began development of many individual programs (in visual basic) that managed finances, taxes, payroll, and billing for Perfect Coat, a specialty coating and sandblasting company located in Saegertown, PA. In 2005, I rewrote and upgraded the programs to C#, adding a bit of integration between the programs. In 2006, I started from scratch and created one application to replace all of the old applications. I did so using mainly PHP and MySQL.

The Perfect Coat Application Suite is a program accessible to any computer on the local intranet. It has been expanded to include Invoices, Expenses, Payroll, Client Companies, Income, Employees, Proposals, and Overall Performance Measures. The HTML interface presents a straightforward and simplistic way to manage all aspects of the company. The features and functionality were all written in PHP using mySQL databases.

Main Interface



Tax Information
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