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en-gi-neer (n) 1. One versed in the design, construction, and use of machines. 2. One who employs the innovative and methodical application of scientific knowledge and technology to produce a device, system, or process, which is intended to satisfy human needs. - PSU

Computer Engineering is a specialized discipline encompassing electrical engineering and software engineering. A computer engineer is trained to work on both software and hardware and integrate the two. A computer engineer is an electrical engineer with a focus on digital logic systems, and less emphasis on radio frequency or power electronics. From a computer science perspective, a computer engineer is a software architect with a focus on the interaction between software programs and the underlying hardware architecture.

Welcome to my online portfolio. I invite you to peruse the various sections of my portfolio. If you have any questions or feedback for me, don't hesitate to contact me. I appreciate your interest in my work.

Engineers tend to favor functionality over form. As such, this website has been designed with functionality in mind. It is easy to navigate, and (purposely) lacking in the eye candy department. All pages have been designed with complaint XHTML, CSS, and PHP.
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